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4 Critical Standards To Demand From Your Physical Therapy Provider

At Function1st PT, our philosophy is that educated patients will achieve better outcomes. Research shows that quality assurance programs combined with patient education increase patient compliance and improve outcomes. The best therapy providers follow quality assurance programs that measure and report the results.

  • At Function1st Physical Therapy, after the initial evaluation, patients receive a detailed explanation summarizing their recommended treatment program. Emphasis is placed on issues that affect pain management, speed of recovery, and restoring maximum function.
  • Although patients no longer need a perscription from their doctor to begin physical therapy services, Function1st highly believes that coordinating care with the patient’s physicians is still the best care for our patients. So,Function1st will send copies of all your reports to your doctors and will correspond with them on your behalf.
  • Upon completion of care, Function1st PT patients are surveyed to assure consistency and quality within the physical therapy profession. This provides important data on patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Function1st PT provides care best suited to patients, NOT insurance companies. Many PT providers set up their practice to minimize costs in response to the continued pressure from insurance companies. One of the most common industry-wide reactions to this pressure is to reduce the services provided.  Function1st PT recognizes that this can greatly impact the quality of care and the patient experience.

  • The Policy at Function1st PT is that we do everything possible to ensure patients complete their program. Our friendly staff will exert every effort to schedule you with the same clinicians at each visit.
  • Function1st PT provides all the PT services needed within each visit, regardless of whether those services are covered by insurance. And, we do not bill the patient for those services. Examples are massage and hot packs and cold packs that are not covered by many insurance plans, but most to all patients still receive those treatments.
  • At Function1st PT, waiting is viewed as a major inconvenience – unacceptable to you and to us. Time spent in the reception area shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes, except in rare situations. We view your time as valuable.

Therapists in the state of Illinois are required by the state licensing board to meet certain criteria to be eligible for continued licensure. This criteria includes 20 hours of continuing education per year. If a therapist is scraping by with the bare minimum, it tells you a bit about their commitment to the profession. You should ask yourself, “Do you want a team of therapists that meet only minimum requirements?”

  • At Function1st Physical Therapy, all our clinical and administrative staff are required to take 30 hours per year of ongoing continuing education courses. The Illinois State Board Of Licensing only requires 20 hours, but at Function1st PT we feel that 16 hours is only the bare minimum. These courses are paid for by Function1st PT and many are provided on-site to allow even more opportunity for our staff to be on the cutting edge of new therapies as they become available.
  • Today, with more options than ever for patients to choose from a variety of physical therapists with diverse specialties and training, Function1st PT advocates patient selection of their physical therapy provider. In many cases, patients can begin care or seek consultation without waiting for a referral. Choosing a therapist based on convenience and location only has become a thing of the past. However, it is our policy to collaborate with a patient’s physician about his or her care.

To optimize outcomes, therapists should use the latest evidence based clinical tools to assess and treat orthopedic, neurological, and pain conditions. Believe it or not, many therapists find themselves out of touch with the latest evidence based treatments.

  • At Function1st Physical Therapy, all care is supervised by the Senior Therapist that has special training in specific conditions. For more specific information, see our staff bios here.