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7 Questions To Ask Your Physical Therapist

One of the most common comments from patients that have been to other physical therapy providers goes something like this: “All the therapist does is give me exercises I can really do on my own, so why should I inconvenience myself by going to therapy when I can do the exercises right here at home?”

Function1st therapists have advanced training in treating routine, complicated and chronic conditions as well as preventative care. Treating these conditions will include a combination of “hands-on” manual therapy techniques, patient education, balance and flexibility activities, pain relieving treatments, and specialized exercise programs. These all work together to heal and speed recovery as well as increase our patient’s ability to lead as active a life as possible.

  • At Function1st Physical Therapy, all our clinical and administrative staff are required to take 30 hours per year of ongoing continuing education courses.  The Illinois State Board Of Licensing only requires 16 hours, but at Function1st PT we feel that 20 hours is only the bare minimum.  These courses are paid for by Function1st PT and many are provided on-site to allow even more opportunity for our staff to be on the cutting edge of new therapies as they become available.
Function1st Physical Therapy uses clinically proven physical therapy treatment options empowering patients to care for their own backs independently.

  • At Function1st Physical Therapy, we integrate techniques for long term care management, reducing the incidence of recurrence, and promoting patient independence.
  •  Once you have been able to return to prior work status, and resumed all previous leisure and recreational activities with minimal to no pain. In addition, you should be fully educated on how to prevent re-injury and independently manage any chronic conditions.
  • At Function1st Physical Therapy, we offer an onsite, supervised gym program to help make that transition from Therapy services to health club or a home exercise program. In some cases, all or part of Function1st gym program may be covered by your health insurance company.
  • Each person and condition are unique and the length of therapy will depend on everything from the severity of the condition to the age of the patient.  The average number of visits at Function1st Physical Therapy is 12 – 16 per condition.
  • At Function1st Physical Therapy, we understand that the rest of your life cannot be put on hold to accomodate your treatment schedule.  We offervarious appointment times, weekend hours, and the ability to change appointment times with a phone call. We work with you.